Public Safety


Our drones could deliver a quantum leap in situational awareness for public safety organizations.

Drones are seeing rapid adoption in a variety of industries — from news photography to real estate development to wind energy production. Their greatest impact, however, could be felt in the public safety arena, where they’ve already demonstrated the ability to help law enforcement agencies and first responders improve response times, reduce costs, and save lives.

Drone technology has advanced such that a number of public safety agencies have embraced its use in areas like search and rescue, fire fighting, and locating missing persons.

Improve coordination by providing a common operating picture that radio communication alone can’t provide. Decision makers get much more context to advise on tactics. Officers benefit from understanding the situation. Advance your capability with an aerial perspective any time, and every time, you need it.

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Our drones can be deployed rapidly to gain situational awareness in complex or dangerous incidents. An aerial perspective from drones can give commanders an overview of an incident, through detailed images of difficult or dangerous to access critical information. Putting a drone in harm’s way is a safer and more responsible use of technology in today’s world.

Incident Commanders rely on our drones to give them an aerial view of an evolving situation, whether it be a fire, a large crowd, or disaster response. High-definition, real-time video enables them to make smarter, faster decisions to keep their field personnel safe, and coordinate an effective response. If you rely on only one connectivity path at a time to support your communication needs, you are vulnerable. Without real-time video and data you are unable to anticipate, react and manage emergency situations.

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Drones have the potential to dramatically improve and expand law enforcement and firefighting capabilities. Uses go from surveying active fire hotspots to delivering supplies, drones are tools that can use to aid public safety.

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Whether it is a crime scene, fire scene or disaster response documentation is a critical process. Our drones can capture that information quickly, releasing assets from a scene in an expeditious manner. Volare can procure equipment and software to conduct this in a professional and safe manner.

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