Drone Inspections

With the help of various sensor technologies, our drones can provide a much richer data-set that allows for better decisions to be made, and in combination with their speed, cost-efficiency, safety and versatility, it is now possible to inspect your assets on a more regular basis. Instead of reacting to issues, aerial asset intelligence allows for a more proactive approach.

Using one or more camera-equipped drones, we can perform fast, accurate, and extremely efficient building and land inspections, creating three-dimensional “geomaps” using topographic and orthomosaic imaging. Inspection of installations without unnecessary production stops preventing unplanned maintenance. Creating digital twin to allow subcontractors prepare maintenance better and shorten maintenance stops. Minimizing number people on site.

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Building Inspections

Our drones can fly near buildings and get a view of difficult locations where other means of access may not be practical, cost-effective or safe. A drone can provide detailed videos and photos of roofs and buildings. Hard to access areas can be seen up close without having to use additional personnel or equipment.

Infrared photography can help identify costly heating and cooling leaks. A drone building survey can help identify and locate imperfections or damage to a building. Drone roofing surveys can include high-resolution images revealing defects to gutters, parapets, skylights and more. Aerial inspection with drones also reduces the disruption to regular business workflow as well as the dangers associated with working at height. Aerial inspection of buildings and roofs with drones is usually completed much quicker than a traditional inspection.

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Solar Panels

Solar Panel Array

We provide full services related to inspection and installation planning for solar installations. Our thermal and visible imaging is used to generate analytics reports for solar panels installations of all sizes, from large solar farms to roof installations. Using infrared cameras it's possible to make remote non-destructive, thermographic measurements and find hidden deviations in a safe and convenient way.

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Bridges and Infrastructure

The use of drone aerial photography and video has been recognized as a remarkable revolution in the inspection of bridges and other infrastructure. Our drones can save time, deliver efficiency and cut costs. The use of the technology provides a number of essential improvements over the traditional methods of bridge and infrastructure inspection methods.

Drone aerial photography and video for the process of bridge inspection could actually be a valuable game changer for the industry. The use of the technology puts the workforce at risk, as they do not need to climb high, risky and hard-to-reach areas and infrastructure. Our drones also make it easier for the workers and engineers to see the bridges’ hardest-to-reach sections at any time with little to no preparation or notice in advance requires. Using UAV for infra structures allows for fast visual inspection and detailed data collection.

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Towers and Wind Turbines

Wind Turbine

We provide high resolution photography and video of power and cellular transmission infrastructure for inspection purposes.  In many cases we can provide expedited services with 24-hour turnaround.  This allows companies to make a quick assessment as to the existence and extent of damage to Wind Turbines, Cell Towers, and Solar Panels.

Drone inspections can be done more quickly and safely than having personnel climb towers. We can also provide live streaming of aerial inspections for real-time assessment of conditions. Preventing high risk climbing or costly shutdowns, automated and autonomous aerial inspections allow for smart detection of damages, erosion or missing cotter pins. Creating a digital imagery database and series of identical repetitive analyses creates unique insights in status of Towers and Wind turbines in time. Better insights that help to optimize the total grid usage. The inspections on phone masts can be used to inspect the status of pylons or construction on buildings but also check the position of the antennas and the state of the mechanical connection. Wind turbines present unique challenges for maintenance inspections. Current methods involve hoisting staff to heights that present significant health and safety risks. As a result, each inspection requires extensive downtime and meticulous planning before it can be carried out, reducing the overall efficiency of energy generation.

Conducting wind turbine inspections via UAVs is a significant improvement over existing methods. A UAV is able to fly precisely and in close proximity to the turbine, eliminating the need to put inspection workers at high risk.

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Power Lines

Power lines spanning vast distances are a key component in the distribution of today’s modern power grids. They also present unique maintenance challenges due to their geographical distribution, as well as their high elevations and limited accessibility. Traditionally inspected by helicopter-based methods, they can be more easily and efficiently inspected using UAV Inspection specialists equipped with drones. Specialized cameras and highly efficient sensors are used to capture images and video footage that is detailed enough for ultra-fine post-inspection analysis, while telepresence can allow operators to see streamed video in real-time or from a tele-operator control point. Safety and efficiency are paramount to modern energy refining facilities, and regular inspections are critical to maintaining efficient operations. Traditional inspection methods have always been challenging as facilities can span large property areas with complex structural layouts.

UAVs allow for even the largest facilities to be inspected quickly providing simple, high altitude facility surveying, as well as close proximity vertical inspection. When sensor technologies are applied, these systems allow teams to quickly scan to identify anomalies such as structural weaknesses, gas leaks, hot spots, ventilation gaps, and much more, empowering facility engineers to make decisions to quickly remediate and effect repairs as necessary.

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Our Thoughts

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November 30, 2023

Benefits of Drones and Lidar applications

LiDAR drones are any drones made to carry a LiDAR sensor. They are used to collect data that can be used to make detailed 3D models for a variety of applications and industries. In this blog we describe which applications can help us in everyday life?
October 16, 2023

Thermal Imagery for Energy Efficiency

Do you recognize yourself in this? Do you experience a draft but don't know where exactly it comes from? Do you have unpleasant warmth in your home or workplace? Is it too hot in your home in the summer? Do you have moisture and/or mold in certain rooms? Do you have doubts about the condition of your building's insulation? Is your gas consumption appropriate for the size of your home? Do you want a more energy-efficient home? All these questions can be answered with a Volare Drone Thermal Imagery of the house or roof.
September 27, 2023

Volare Donating

Volare Drone Innovations is donating 2 packages to the Newell Christian School Fundraising Auction 6:00 PM Friday, October 27, 2023. at Thom’s Reception Centre, Duchess or Bid Online at