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Revolutionizing Agriculture Management with Advanced Drone Solutions

Empowering the Future of Farming and Golf Course Maintenance - Advanced Crop Spraying, Detailed Mapping & Surveying, and Comprehensive Crop Monitoring Solutions.

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Volare Drone Innovations - Slogan

Transforming Geospatial Accuracy with State-of-the-Art Drone Services

Harnessing Advanced Drone Technology for Unmatched Precision in Mapping and Surveying. Providing High-Resolution Imagery and Data for Efficient Decision Making Across Various Industries.

Volare Drone Innovations - Mapping
Volare Drone Innovations - Slogan

Empowering Public Safety with Cutting-Edge Drone Technology

Enhancing Emergency Response and Rescue Operations with Rapid, Reliable, and Real-time Aerial Assistance. Pioneering Solutions for Fire Fighting and Search Missions.

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Volare Drone Innovations - Public Safety
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Volare Drone Innovations - Slogan

Transforming Geospatial Accuracy with State-of-the-Art Drone Services

Deploying Advanced Drone Solutions for Thorough and Efficient Inspections in Energy Utilities, Infrastructure, and Insurance Claims. Enhancing Accuracy and Reducing Risk with High-Resolution Data Capture.

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Volare Drone Innovations

Welcome to Volare Drone Innovations, a a fully TCA (Transport Canada Aviation) certified, professional drone services provider serving Medicine Hat and the Southern Alberta region.

Our motivation to start Volare came from our own need for remotely gathered data in challenging terrain, like expansive grasslands, along with deployable solutions for spraying it. We quickly recognized this need extended to others as well - not just ranchers and farmers, but various industries and public safety organizations too.

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September 4, 2023

Pictures from above make all the difference.

When one gazes up into the sky, what is typically seen are clouds and the expansive azure overhead. Now, imagine flipping that view and looking down from above – a perspective coined as 'aerial photography.' Not so long ago, this breakthrough method of capturing photographs was reserved for those who had access to expensive helicopters or airplanes. Today, with the advent of drones, this breathtaking perspective has become more accessible than ever. Indeed, drone shave revolutionized aerial photography.
August 3, 2023

The Economy of Drone Crop Spraying

As the clock ticks and technology evolves, drone technology has found a solid footing in the agricultural and forestry sectors. Read about some of the benefits of choosing drones for crop protection in the agricultural sector.